“The Former Pupils’ Association"  
wishes to attract all former pupils, regardless of their gender, or whether they attended RSD or DHSG
before amalgamation in 1986, or RSD after 1986.  
To this end, the Committee of the Old Boys’ Section has  amended its name and constitution so that 
all former pupils of both RSD and DHSG can now become members.
President 2017-2018 ~ Karen Bain.
Former Pupils
R.Irvine © 2014
Former Pupils facebook page
Golf Outing 2017
Scout photo from 1955. Scout photo from 1955. School Web-site School Web-site
Former Dungannon High School pupil? and not as young as you once were. Visit the page of hockey photos from the past and send in any information you can.
To old hockey photos page To old hockey photos page
Winners: John George Willis &         Deirdre Slater presented with their cups   by Karen Bain
The Bi-Annual London Dinner has been posponed until 2020, as due to unforeseen circumstances our London Dinner secretary is unable to continue and it has been decided to head hunt a new one with view to organising a 2020 event.
Former Deputy Head Boy (2015/16) Calum Bain has been selected to represent Team NI at the 2018 Commonwealth Games  to swim individually and on 4x100m freestyle relay.
Calum Bain
Now available-Ladies luxurious scarves in Royal School colours £25.00 These can be obtained from directly from Bursars Office R.S.D. or by post (post and packing charge £3.00) or directly from F.P.A. President Karen Bain
A couple of pictures from Glenda. click to enlarge.
President 2014/2015 Paul McAlister between Linda and Glenda
..and thanks to Adrian Long for images opposite. 1959 Schools Cup Final team reunion. Click to enlarge
With thanks to Willie McKenzie who kindly provided Dinner images below.
Thanks to David Browne for these images of pre-Dinner Reception.
Karen has provided photos of these very attractive scarves-well worth having.
RSD Annual Dinner 2018
RSD Annual Dinner 2016
David Browne has steered the F. P.A. through many years of change,always with patience,enthusiasm,dedication and a keen sense of humour, was given  Honorary Life Membership of the Association at the 2018 Annual Dinner.David has been associated with RSD for more than 60 years-beginning as a boarder in Prep at the age of 10. I well remember him as a tall,smiling,good natured and rather shy boarder in the mid-1960’s !. David was accompanied to the RSD Dinner by his wife-Yvette. 1958  Commenced in R S D Prep Department as the Junior Boarder in the Junior Dorm - I was 10! 2000  President of R S D O B A 2000  Governor 2001 Secretary of R S D O B A 2005 - 2008 Chairman of Governors 2012 Secretary of R S D F P A David promises to provide some recollections from years at RSD years shortly.