“The Former Pupils’ Association"  
wishes to attract all former pupils, regardless of their gender, or whether they attended RSD or DHSG
before amalgamation in 1986, or RSD after 1986.  
To this end, the Committee of the Old Boys’ Section has  amended its name and constitution so that 
all former pupils of both RSD and DHSG can now become members.
President 2015-2016 ~ Linda McDonald.
Former Pupils
R.Irvine © 2017
2016 London Dinner Photos. 2016 London Dinner Photos.
Former Pupils facebook page
Scout photo from 1955. Scout photo from 1955.
President of RSD Former Pupil’s Association in 2015-2016 is Mrs.Linda McDonald. Linda became a pupil at Dungannon high  school for girls in 1985 and after the amalgamation she continued her education here at RSD until 1991. Linda's two daughters are current pupils at the school and as a result she has  been highly involved in school life.  Linda was a founding member of the Parent teacher & Friends association, and has to date served 6 years on the committee, including a term as chairperson. Linda was also instrumental in the formation of the new former pupils association, in 2012”
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Former Dungannon High School pupil? and not as young as you once were. Visit the page of hockey photos from the past and send in any information you can.
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Hoisting of the new flag organised and donated by the former pupils - March 2015.
Photographs from School Dinner 2015
Old boys from early 1960’s had an informal reunion on Friday 19th August 2016 at Viscount’s,Dungannon,and another in August 1997 (which included wives) These reunions began in 2009. Information and photos kindly sent in by Willie McCombe (centre back of photo)