Ian Simpson (1956 – 63) is one of only 2 retired pharmacists in Great Britain to be awarded Fellowship of a new Faculty which has been set up by the Royal Pharmaceutical Society to recognise advanced and specialist practice in the profession. He was invited to serve on the Assessment Board of the new Faculty, all prospective Board members had to submit a portfolio for assessment before being admitted to the Faculty. Ian retired as Chief Executive of the College of Pharmacy Practice in 2010 and was appointed MBE in the Queen’s Birthday Honours List in 2011, for his services to pharmacy. He was President of RSD Old Boys’ Association in 2011 – 12, and oversaw the constitutional changes which led to the establishment of the present Former Pupils’ Association.


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Marianne was a pupil at the High School and left in 1964. She pursued a career in the professional theatre as a stage manager, mainly touring, and then as production manager at the Lyric Theatre, Belfast in the 5 years before the old theatre closed. She is now fundraising and development officer for a Belfast theatre company. Marianne has a daughter who is an actor and is married to an actor.She has lost touch with everyone she was at school with, a long time ago but has many good memories of her time in Dungannon. UNITED STATES Gareth Grimes, ridicerous@gmail.com 945 Mayburn St,Dearborn,Michigan,48128, USA.   Gareth graduated in 1991, and boarded in Upper Sixth year. Moved to US the same summer as graduation and attended Spring Arbor University in Michigan. Obtained a BA in Business Administration and graduated with honours. Held various management positions in retail, and currently the 'Senior Operations Manager' for AVISBudget Group LLC in Detroit Michigan. Married to Katherine Grimes with 2 kids ages 7 & 11. Hobbies include fishing, golfing and travel. Doesn't get to visit the 'homeland' too often, but would love to attend an old boys event if it coincided with a visit. Gordon Kyle, April 2012 gordonakyle@gmail.com 7002 Phillips Cove Ct., Orlando, Florida, USA Living in Orlando Florida for almost 4 years, and loves it. Still in the Real Estate business, buying and selling homes, which unlike what the media present, is booming. Gordon misses RSD days. Gordon passes on regards to Mrs McKee and hopes all is well with her. LONDON Alan Davidson Nice to hear from Alan Davidson who left RSD in 1976, he will be attending The Old Boys Dinner this year. I taught Alan A-Level Chemistry and he does remember some of my jokes! Alan works within the newly created Defence Cyber Operations Group in Whitehall. He meets Philip Ingram (who was a number of years behind him in school) and Catherine Weir occasionally . Catherine, if I remember correctly, attended Royal School in the early days of amalgamation. These are the only former RSD pupils he has met in London.

Former pupil communications

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CANADA Robin Smith. 1944 to 1948 Originally from Richhill and now living in Canada for many years boarded in RSD from 1944 to 1948. He sent a couple of photographs of RSD Scout Troop on manoeuvres in Scotland with their leader Mr "Dusty" Millar. He was only at R.S.D.for three years but it still evokes a lot of memories. His family lived in Richhill, Co. Armagh, when he attended RSD. His father was the Police Sergeant there .In Sept, 1945,as a 12 year old, he registered as a boarder along with two friends, David, D.T. Wilson and Charlie Nellins. Robin was in the Junior Dorm and assigned to “Bullingbrook” House.   Mr. A. De G Gaudin was Headmaster at the time and feared by all. He lived across the street from the school. Robin remembers HMS Scott (woodwork, PT and sports) Dusty Millar, Mr. Kennedy, (geography) Mr. Taylor (music.) he was blind. Mr. Crook, (French) among the teachers Some of his contemporaries were; Ben Spillard, Danny McLean and Jimmey Wolsley. He was nicknamed “Tubby” when he went. Thankfully things changed. He recalled an incidence when a visiting rugby team arrived to play RSD short of a player, his own rugby team members “volunteered” him to play on their team. He survived, without scoring any points for the visiting team. Several things stand out his recollection of days at RSD. While at RSD he was part of the Boy Scout Group and recalls going to Omagh to compete for the County Flag. (we didn’t win) On another occasion robin remembers a Scout camp on an island in Lough Neagh for a few days.  The highlight was a trip to Scotland, with Dusty Millar as leader. They camped on the shore of Lough Lomond. Highlights were a trip on a paddle steamer to Rowardennan and climbing to the top of Ben Lomond, 3197 feet above sea level. I have a photo taken of our group standing on the stump of what was the largest oak tree in Scotland. Alas I cannot presently find it, but when I do I will send you a copy. He spent a little time learning gardening, in the garden beyond the cricket pitch and learned the technique of “double digging” Now his wife does the gardening, mostly flowers, while he cuts the grass. Like many of the boys, they meet up with girls from the High School, down by “the wall” after dark.  Mavis Abernethy was one he became friendly with but doubts she would remember him. Sunday afternoons were filled with a rather lengthy walk using several routes on the outskirts of Dungannon.  It was quite common to meet one of the teachers walking the opposite direction, to check up on us. Of course they wore the little brown skullcaps as part of our uniform. On at least two occasions when there was sufficient snowfall, they went tobogganing on the hills nearby. The school, I recall, had one monster sled. He has memories of meals in the dining room where everyone sat in “Houses” and the masters all sat at the “Head” table. Everything was very orderly, even when more bread was needed, one boy from the table approached the masters’ table to request permission to go to the kitchen for more. On one occasion the scourge of scabies hit the school and Robin had the misfortune to get it. I was quarantined in the sick bay for several days.  The matron had to scrub him quite vigorously while he was in the bathtub! At RSD he learned the basic principles of radio, in hobby sessions. Starting with a crystal set and graduating to building a two tube model. Radio Luxembourg might have been one of the stations they listened to. He has an official panoramic photo of the entire school body dated October 1947. It measures 32” x 7” high. If you do not have a copy please let me know and I will have a copy made for you.After leaving RSD (I suspect my parents did not have the wherewithal to have me complete Forms 5 & 6) Robin had one year at Portadown Tech, before going to Belfast and completing an Electrical Apprenticeship at Hugh J Scott & Co (Belfast) Ltd. While there he completed Junior Trades Scholarship and Senior Trades Scolarship and obtained Higher National Certificate, with endorsement subjects. This secured Him membership in the Institution of Electrical Engineers which was recognized in Canada for Membership in The Association of Professional Engineers, Ontario. He subsequently became a Fellow of the IEE. Most of his working career in Canada was with the Federal Department of Transport (now Transport Canada), where Robin Ended up Chief Engineer at Toronto’s Pearson International Airport where he enjoyed his work By coincidence he married a girl called Grace Barton, who attended Dungannon High School for Girls, although he only met her several years after leaving RSD and when living in Belfast. Her brother David Barton attended RSD, but only after Robin left. A couple of years ago David visited Dungannon and on his return presented Robin with “The Castle and the Crown” The History of Royal School Dungannon 1614 – 2004”. He found It quite nostalgic reading this book Robin and his wife are soon to celebrate their 54th wedding anniversary, he has been back to N.I. several times and invariably makes the pilgrimage to Dungannon to see the old haunts. He still has a sister living in Holywood and many friends throughout the province. He would be keen for news of others in his year and would be to delighted to read of their comings and goings.
At the campfire, Robin on the right,beside Dusty Millar with Charlie Nellins in the foreground. Danny McLean standing and Wendel somebody? on the left.
Scout trip to Scotland. Robin on the stump on the left.
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