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CLASS OF 59 AND 1st XV 50 YEAR REUNION Members of the 1959 1st XV who reached the Final of the Schools’ Cup and the 1958-59 Sixth Form attended the Annual Dinner on 3rd April 2009 to celebrate their 50th Anniversary. The nineteen strong group assembled for a Sherry Reception in one of the classrooms before the Dinner to renew old acquaintances and make an early start to the evening’s reminiscences.  Derek Meldrum (Captain of the 1st XV) welcomed everyone and thanked them for making the effort to attend. Some had travelled a long way to be present including Trevor Reid (Australia), Des Scott (South Africa), Ian Cunningham (Kendal) Dawson Long (Cornwall) and Winston Patterson (Donegal). Eleven members of the team were among the group attending the reunion. Robin Donaldson (poor health) and John Kane (in America at the time of the reunion) were unable to attend and sadly Dougie Booth and Derek Hazelton had passed away. Wesley McCamley (Past President of the Association) conveyed apologies and best wishes from a number of former classmates who were unable to attend, some for health reasons. This included a message from Roy Sproule in New Zealand (a semi-retired vet) which concluded by wishing everyone an enjoyable night, lots of nostalgia and exaggerated stories fuelled no doubt with appropriate measures of liquid refreshments. Everyone then gave a rapid fire 20 second account of their life over the past 50 years. Winston Patterson (Head Boy 1958-59) led a moving tribute to six colleagues who had passed away since leaving school. Many memories were recounted of Rowland Cummings, Dougie Booth, Derek Hazelton, Leslie Marshall, Ian Carson, & Denis Wilson which cumulated with a minute’s silence. Sadly, Roy Cardwell passed away a week after the dinner. Winston then proposed a toast to the School and the education provided which was proceeded by much communal fond reminiscences about the great characters on the teaching staff in the 1950s including Alex Gaudin (Headmaster), Hugh Scott, Barney Cartlidge, Tom Boland, Joe Kennedy, Jack Crooks, Jimmy Bennett, Bill Hutchinson, and Sam Ginn. The reminiscing continued throughout the dinner and long afterwards. Apparently some managed to keep going until 3.00am.  The 1st XV has a special place in the history of the school being the first school team to reach the final of the Schools’ Cup for the 52 years from the victory by the 1907 team. Only the 1974 team has equalled the feat of reaching the Final in the past 50 years. The team was welcomed by George Smyth (President) during the Dinner when they were introduced by Derek. Reports on the 1959 and 1974 Cup Finals are included in School History ‘The Castle and the Crown’ and reproduced in a hand-out distributed at the dinner. Philip Annesley (the Association’s Archivist) provided a scrapbook of the exploits of the 1st XV during their run in the Schools’ Cup and a tour of England in 1958-59 which was on display during the reception. This had been carefully prepared by Trevor Reid (outside centre). Trevor was surprised and delighted to see the scrapbook again as the last time he remembered having it was many years ago in Barbados and he thought he had lost. It is a mystery as to how it found its way to the school. The group are grateful to Gareth Lucas and Richard Clingan (Dinner Convenors) for facilitating the reception and Willie John McKenzie (also an Old Boy) for coming along to take some photographs.
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April 2009
RSD SCOUT TROOP 1955                                       NOTES TO ACCOMPANY PHOTO WITH NAMES These   Notes   are   intended   to   be   read   in   conjunction   with   the   photo   of   the   RSD   Scout   Troop   in   1955   to   which   I have added the names. I trust that this may be of interest to some people. The   photo   appeared   in   the   School   History   –   The   Castle   and   the   Crown   –   and   although   I   was   not   a   member   of   the School   Troop   I   was   a   member   of   the   Aughnacloy   Scout   Troop.   A   number   of   my   former   class-mates   are   in   the photo   and   I   knew   a   lot   of   the   names   of   the   other   Scouts   in   the   photo   and   recognised   many   of   the   other   faces   but could   not   put   names   to   them.   Jim   Fleming   kindly   gave   me   a   copy   of   the   photo   some   years   ago   and   I   brought   it   to the   Former   Pupils   Annual   Dinner   for   a   few   years   and   gradually   filled   in   the   names   with   help   from   various   former members of the Troop. I eventually found the final name at this year’s dinner. It   has   been   interesting   researching   the   names   and   looking   at   the   photo   with   the   names   brings   back   many   happy memories of my time at RSD (1953-59) and the great guys who were there in my time. I   am   sending   the   photo   to   the   people   in   the   photo   that   I   am   still   in   contact   with   and   also   to   the   School   FPA Archivist   and   the   FPA   website.   Please   pass   it   on   to   anyone   whom   you   think   may   be   interested   in   it   and   let   me know if there are any errors in the names. Wesley McCamley RSD 1953-59 April 2014
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         What a great photograph, and thanks is due to Wesley who has put much effort into researching the names.